Nursery Information

The PCC Nurseries provide care for children during Sunday morning worship and Sunday School. It is our desire to enhance the learning and worship experience of parents or guardians by assuring them that each child is comfortable, safe, and happy. Adults and teens staff our nurseries.

Infant Nursery

Room 4 is for infants, crawlers, and early walkers. The age range on Sunday mornings is 0-18 months. The Infant Nursery is located down the hall on the left (past the rest rooms). It is equipped with two Pack ‘N Plays, one Megasaucer, a cradleswing, a changing table, books, and toys. A privacy curtain is provided for mothers who wish to breastfeed or bottle-feed their babies. We’re happy to give bottles supplied by parents, and we also provide the original, plain Cheerios brand cereal as a snack (as permitted by parents or guardians). Please leave your diaper bag with us; we will change diapers as needed.

Toddler Room

Room 2 is for confident walkers. The age range on Sunday mornings is 18 months-3 year olds. This room is located down the hall on the left just past the rest rooms. The Toddler Room is equipped with age-appropriate toys and books. There is a bathroom adjacent with a step stool and potty seat for children who are working on toilet training. We provide the original, plain Cheerios brand cereal as a snack (as permitted by parents or guardians). Please mark your spill-proof sippy cup with your child’s name.

Nursery Guidelines

In order for your child to be happier, safer, and better cared for, the Nursery Committee has established the following guidelines:

  1. Notify the nursery volunteer of any allergies, special instructions, or medical needs.
  2. Please sign in your child. For room 4 (infants) mark your child’s shirt and diaper bag with matching stickers, marking off its contents and filling in the appropriate blanks and information.
  3. Please keep your pager turned on and in contact with your body. If you do not have any pockets in your clothing, lanyards are available from the nursery greeter. Only give your pager to someone who you want to pick up your child. The pager works like a "claim check." The nursery volunteers will relinquish your child to whomever has the pager (within the bounds of common sense).
  4. Please provide pacifier clips to keep pacifiers from becoming lost, dropped, or exchanged.
  5. Please pass the child over the counter to the nursery volunteer (room 4). This will eliminate congestion and the possibility of injury to a child.
  6. Separation anxiety: At this age, some children who are left in our care may tend to cry, but then are easily distracted within a few minutes. If your child continues to cry and our efforts to comfort fail beyond 10 minutes, we may page you. Parents are welcome to stay with their child if they so desire.
  7. Both nurseries open 10 minutes before each service or event and close promptly at its conclusion.
  8. Please do not leave the grounds while your child is in our care.

Illness Policy

A child with any of the following will not be permitted in the PCC nurseries.
Please help keep our nurseries a safe place for everyone by holding your child back if any of the following symptoms are present:

  • runny nose (colored discharge)
  • colored discharge from eyes
  • inflamed mouth or throat
  • coughing/sneezing
  • chest congestion/laboredbreathing
  • diarrhea/vomiting within the past 24 hours
  • fever - listlessness/unusual fatigue or irritability/excessive crying
  • open sores
  • Contagious disease (i.e. Chicken Pox/pink eye)

If your child is taking any antibiotics, he/she should have received treatment for at least 48 hours before coming to church even if the symptoms are no longer present. Our nursery policy prohibits volunteers from administering any medications.

The Presbyterian Church of Coventry Nurseries are staffed entirely by volunteers. We encourage anyone with a heart for children as well as all parents of preschoolers to serve in both the Infant and Toddler Nurseries.

Thank you for your cooperation and for the privilege of ministering to your children. Our guidelines are meant to make our nurseries as healthy and safe as possible for everyone.

Any questions, concerns, or suggestions you might have are welcome, and we invite you to contact one of the deacons.