History of our Church


The origin of the Presbyterian Church of Coventry (PCC) is tied with the Presbyterian Church of Manchester, which was founded in 1962 as a church plant by a group from Philadelphia. By 1967, they had already had their eye on expanding their ministry into Coventry when they purchased more than 40 acres of land and started Coventry House, Inc. on Lewis Hill Road.

The Presbyterian Church of Coventry was founded as a daughter church of the Presbyterian Church of Manchester in 1973. It was originally part of the RPCES denomination (Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod). The church met at Coventry Grammar School for 9 years under the leadership of its founding pastor Dr. Richard W. Gray. The church began a building program in 1978 when they purchased 3 acres of land at its current location on Trowbridge Road.

As the building neared completion, Dr. Gray died suddenly in 1979. The congregation called Rev. Brad D. Evans as its new pastor in 1980, and he began his ministry in the newly completed building. In 1982, PCC joined the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) at the joining and receiving at Calvin College in Michigan. As the church grew, the facility was expanded to include a Christian Education wing in 1984.

From 1997- 2009 PCC either hosted or sponsored the Connecticut Valley Conference on Reformed Theology (CVCRT). Over the years, our church outgrew its multi-purpose worship/fellowship space, and another major building program was undertaken. More land was purchased adjacent to the Trowbridge property and a dedicated sanctuary was completed in 2003.

As the church grew so did the responibilities. Rev. Robert Cox was hired as an Assistant Pastor in 2001 and served until 2004. His roles were mainly Outreach to UConn and Director of Christian Education.

In 2004, Rev. Joseph Pensak was called to start a new RUF (Reformed University Fellowship) ministry at the University of Connecticut. Because of our proximity to UConn, many had been praying for such a ministry for many years. Now the RUF students are a vital part of our church, and several have joined in membership. In 2011, Rev. Pensak took a call to plant a church in Vermont, and Rev. Lucas Dourado was called to continue this ministry at UConn. Coventry House has served many purposes over the years, from housing the denomination's Christian Education and Publications division to hosting retreats to serving as a classical Christian school. Today, Coventry House is owned by PCC and used as a ministry center for UConn/RUF, as well as housing for the RUF minister.

We have enjoyed the faithful ministry of our pastor, Dr. Brad D. Evans, for nearly 38 years. His powerful preaching has been a major strength of our church. Pastor Evans retired as Senior Pastor in January 2018. Pastor Lawrence (Larry) Bowlin was called as an Associate Pastor in 2012 to work along side Pastor Evans. Pastor Bowlin received a call to serve as a Senior Pastor in Michigan in 2018.

Rev. Bill Clark began his ministry in February 2018 when he was called to serve as interim pastor to help provide a smooth transition of PCC after the retirement of Pastor Evans. Pastor Clark agreed to stay on at PCC as Assistant Pastor beginning in 2019.   

In 2018 PCC called Rev. Will Snyder to serve as Senior Pastor. Will began his ministry at PCC in January 2019.